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Financing or re-financing a property

Financing a property acquisition or re-financing a property can be a daunting, complex and time consuming process

With us, you will receive a truly specialist service that aims not only to find the most suitable financial arrangement but also to accompany you through the whole financial setup process.

The advantage of having an extensive network of banks and insurance companies and working in total independence from them, gives us a privileged position, enabling us to present you attractive offers or unique solutions.

When you consider buying a property

We can determine the maximum price you can afford to pay considering your financial situation and available financing options, and give you an indication about the final cost.

When you have already found a property to buy

We prepare a tailor made financing solutions – you choose the one you like – and we take care of all the administrative side. You are constantly kept informed.

We can help you to find the notary who will take care of all the contractual and legal aspects

The fiscal optimization is included in all our solutions.

In Switzerland you obtain mortgage financing up to 80% – exceptionally 90% – of the retained value (by the credit grantor) of the acquired property.

1st priority mortgage loans are granted up to 65/66% of the price or retained value (the lowest amount) and the remaining 14/15% are 2nd priority mortgages. The latter must be fully reimbursed over a maximum period of 15 years, or by the latest at the age of retirement.

Indicative FIX RATES on January 7, 2019

3 year        : 0,66% p.a.
5 year        : 0,84% p.a.
7 year        : 0,93% p.a.
10 year      : 1,18% p.a.
15 year      : 1,68% p.a.

The above rates fluctuate and also depend on :

– the amount of the credit
– your financial situation
– the loan amount in percentage of the value of the financed property
– the moment of disbursement of the loan (immediate or future)